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Whales and Souls- Sound & Lights

Pssssst. Did you hear the tale of the Creature from the Lake…? In this gritty, sensual fable for adults, a small conservative village is enticed by offers from an outsider, and everything begins to change. Test the waters, if you dare...

Described as "wild, weird, and wonderful" after its' initial NYC production at The Flea Theatre, Whales and Souls is an original work with an underlying cultural relevance sure to tantalize and intrigue NYC Fringe Festival audiences this summer. Directed by Matt Renskers, the August 2016 production will be produced like never before: A male (Chris Roe) will be playing all 7 characters featured in the script; a different approach to the developmental Australian production of the show, which featured a woman juggling this challenging task. Roe, who directed the recent Flea Theatre production of Whales and Souls, steps in to this one-man-show assisted for the first time by elaborate shadows effects, courtesy of resident artist Emily Palmer's paper engineering in conjunction with a large production team sporting impressive collaborative design efforts: Marciel Irene Greene (Lighting), Jonathan Parke (Sound), and Christopher & Justin Swader (Scenery).

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